Hey everyone,

Today I would like to tell you a story. A story that made me who I am. A story of music and friendship.


There was a time in Connemara when a father and his 14 years old daughter were driving a small van across the West Coast, doing their very best to get lost. There was a time in Connemara when, in a pub named Paddy Coynes, a barefoot songwritter was playing, dedicating his life to folk music and laughter.

One day, the little van stoped in front of the Paddy Coynes. They sat in front of the singer on stage. He might have noticed the young lady’s mouth quietly singing in the corner. With a mischievous look, he invited her to join him on stage and sing a song. She went on stage, very impressed: It’s her very first stage! But the kindness and smile of this fellow gave her confidence and they sang this old tune: “As I roved out”.

Since that day, they always followed each others. The young Lady became a musician and this man always encouraged her on her way. The young Lady is 26 years old today, It’s me.

Him, He is Aidan Ward.

Yesterday, the young lady and a friend crossed the stormy Ireland with a bunch of heather from Connemara, to sing a last song (well, actually 100 last songs…) to her lost friend, and tell him some more stupid stories as well…

To those who would like to discover this extraordinary musician, this unic songwritter, this unclassifiable, indomitable and uncontrollably funny  man, here is a song, in between hundreds (a lifetime dedicated to music can’t fit in a website’s page!)

Some of you had the pleasure to listen to him for some exeptional concerts of Miss White & the Drunken Piano : The Cabaret night in Valence and the Sea Theatre in Sète last summer.


(The Sea Theatre, Sète, France)

You might have discover him during the “Raindog’s tour” we organized every summer in France when he played with his friends Derrick Devine, Andri Mar Sigursson and Thibaut Blaizac…joined by many others (such as Piarrick, Carmen, Lily, Marty, David and more) for some all-night-long concerts. The most remarkable of those sessions took place in the “Alandier” (Cliousclat) and the “Oignon” (Saillans).

The raindog’s team will launch a compilation of those live session in April wich will be released in the Oignon with all the musicians. More info on this page soon.

Here is a video, a live in the Alandier’s toilets (yes!) in August 2014:

Derrick Devine and I met, in a small village of Co. Tipperary, a huge crowd of Aidan’s friends. Everyone’s got in his bag (if not a guitare!) thousands hilarious stories, much Love and many songs.


(Paul Mulligan, Kenneth Coyne, Marieke Huysmans-Berthou, Derrick Devine)

We drank, we laughed, we cried, and wa sang, we sang, we sang…loud and proud!

I would like to give thanks to all the beautifull people we met that day in Fethard. Aidan chose his friends with care and I am very glad meetin’ you all.


“No fear, no envy, no meanness”

Aidan Ward had deeply turn my life into a road made of music and friendship. Today I keep walking this road with my heart filled with gratitude and laughter….

On the road where the heather with the yellow flowers grows, where songs grow along the rainy paths, where the hair of those who never cut it, grow.


(illustration by Lily) “where friends go, It’s just geography” Aidan Ward.

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5 comments on “AIDAN WARD, YOU LEGEND.

  1. Damon Ward says:

    A grand story. Thank you. Spider

  2. stf says:

    keep going, le cœur est gros, rouge, aorté, chahuté et fort. merci de partager toute cette sensibilité de vie qui n’est malheureusement pas éternelle. Même grand mère s’accroche et ne veut pas que CA s’arrête. gros biiiiiz ladys

  3. patricia says:

    beautiful story about a beautiful man.

  4. Sing says:

    How lovely you wrote that. I don´t know you, I don´t know Aidan. But I feel the truth and deepth of your friendship in my heart right now.

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