Happy Paddy’s Day


It’s Paddy’s day.
It’s Paddy’s day and my eyes get greener.
It’s Paddy’s days and I lay down in the green grass and think of all my Irish friends, my “powerfull friends” as Patsy Dan Rodgers says.
I think of my raindogs, The black one with the white spot Derrick Devine, and the great Aidan Ward singing in the heather.
I think of my friend Ronàn O’Snodaigh and his tender smile.
I think of the Tory Island people, of Patsy, Francis and more.
I think of Donegal & Connemara friends.
I think of a meeting one unic day, close to cleggan, you see?
I think of bendy roads, pints, laughters, hard walks under the storm, rising sun on the bay, beauty, friendship and love…the only thing that matters, with lobsters.
I think of my father, listening to Tom Waits in his little van “And All the world is green”…

Happy Paddy’s day to you all.

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