ISLAND SONG, Lhasa De Sela. The story of a song going at sea…

imageIsland song is an unreleased song from Lhasa de Sela, composed with Joe Grass. By chance, I happily discovered this song last year, just before recording SeaLand. Due to David Etienne Savoie, Joe Grass and Lhasa’s familly, I had the opportunity of recording the song on my first album for Pianocean. Island Song, composed in Iceland, could be the anthem of the Pianocean’s itinerary: a geographic and poetic journey from Island to Island around the world.

The song was a duet and I wanted to keep it as a duet. But who? Or, who else? Who else than Piers Faccini, the song writter whose existence makes the world softer? It was a honor to record this song with him…now, the two brilliant artists I admire, Lhasa and Piers, are together somehow on a song with a tiny celtic sound…enlighted by the sound of the great Ronàn O’Snodaigh’s bodhràn !

“Hills and Valleys, Fire and snow, After this where will we go?” (Island Song)

Yes, where will we go? I just can tell that we’ll go as far as Lady Flow will sail, across the open seas…carrying Island Song from an Island to another… Discover Island song on the album SeaLand, you can order it here: Lady Flow SHOP

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