It’s such a great pleasure to announce that the new Pianocean CD-DVD will be released soon !

This new creation includes the album “Faoi íochtar na Spéire” (“Under the Western Sky” in Irish Gaelic), an album of 13 original tracks recorded on board the sailboat during Pianocean’s trip around Ireland. Many talented musicians participated in the production of this album, recording over the course of navigations and meetings, in the studio cabin of Lady Flow. 

The album is accompanied by a DVD of the film “Under the West Sky”, a 40 minutes documentary film directed by Pierrick & Anne-Lise Le Pellec, shot during this Irish season. 

A film of sea, travel and friendship. A musical, poetic film with a background of piano showers and weather hazards … finally, the return of Pianocean along the coasts which saw its birth.  

The film has been selected in some major Film Festivals in France such as the FIFAV (La Rochelle) !

More than ever, we put our guts, our sailing jackets and our hearts in the making of this album and this film. We are proud of both the path and the result, and therefore share both at the same time through this double album. 

More than ever, buying a Pianocean album is also supporting an independent project that lives only on what it creates. Preorders are now open !

Put on your boots, your oilskin, and embark for a journey on board Lady Flow…  Welcome, under the western sky.

Faoi íochtar na Spéire – Out November 2020

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