“Sous le ciel de l’Ouest”


Under The Western Sky – The Film

A documentary film directed by Pierrick & Anne-Lise LePellec (40′)


This is the story of a 50kg bird, a dark haired, green eyed girl. A pianist, singer, composer, sailor…a bird you don’t mess with! It’s the story of a piano, a boat and a mildly crazy dream which tenacity and hope allowed to exist.

This project is “Pianocean” a world tour by sail with a piano on board, a musical world tour, the slowest  world tour possible, a masterful opposition to the acceleration of today’s world which always tries to make us believe that by hurrying we will catch up with our numbered days. A world tour with poetry, humanity, sound and sweat as the points of the compass.

Pianocean is a cry from the heart that tells us that it is possible to make our dreams come true, despite the crowds that yell at you to give up on these childish things and stop dreaming, to take life seriously, and yet… yet, starting from a dream in your head, created by the verses of a drunken boat and the legend of the ocean pianist, when one is only just 18, until it’s final realisation whatever the cost.

To face up to doubts and struggles and to welcome with open arms and to never, never give up, give yourself body and soul and fulfill your dreams, that is “to take life seriously”

Today, after three tours around the coast of France, from the Mediterranean to the north of Brittany, the project is ready to reach for the shores that saw its birth. Set a course to the west in the direction of Ireland…

On board: Marieke, a pianavigator, Sébastien, a blue eyed sailor, Árann, a 10 month old baby, an occasionally seasick cat, a salty piano and ……… me.

“Le piano de la Lady Flow” (FR3 Littoral – 2017)

“Lady Flow

0-1000 Miles ”

(Imagenius prod – 2015)


Projection suivie d’un concert piano-voix de Marieke Huysmans-Berthou

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