Pianocean est un projet indépendant qui ne vit que de ce qu’il crée et du soutien de son public ! Merci !

L’équipe Pianocean

Pianocean is an independent project that lives only on what it creates and with the support of its audience ! Thank you !

The Pianocean crew

To enable the Pianocean project, Pianocean needs you.

After 4 years of concerts and sailing, we’ve proved that Pianocean is not only a possibility but a very real and beautiful human story.

Our next sailing seasons will be more challenging: moody weather, hard sailing conditions, and ports of call in isolated places will raise the level of complexity of our Tour logistics …

The business model on which Pianocean was based (selling concerts and CDs) will not longer be sufficient.

That’s why we are launching today a long-term crowdfunding campaign on the Tipeee platform.

By giving even just 1 Euro per month, you are supporting Pianocean over the long term, and participating to the stability of the whole project. And stability is a very precious thing when travelling the seas!

Thank you, you, out there, following and supporting us…

Please share this message as much as possible.

Pianocean is a part of everyone of you.

Thank you.

Marieke & The pianocean crew