Pianocean is an artistic and sailing project, led by the piano and the voice of Marieke Huysmans Berthou. Pianocean aims to be an ambassador for free international culture, lived and shared across the seas.

couleur cassisOn board the sailing boat Lady Flow, the ship crew will tour the islands of the world. Islands are isolated places, open to the sea which strongly conserve their local culture. Pianocean wishes to discover their hidden treasures.

Pianocean is a moving place of interaction and creativity designed for cultural and human worldwide collaboration.

Meeting the world by sea and music

A mobile musical project

Times of navigation are built around coastal itineraries and scheduled concerts which are given on the deck while the public is on the port quay or on the beach. The boat turns into a performance area.Crowfunding copie

The pianist sings stories from her travels inspired by the journeys at sea and the previously encountered cultures. She becomes the link between and the spokesperson for various islands heritages. Music becomes the vector of stories from these islands, reaching new communities and offering the opportunity to create new links between them. Recording is done on board, saving the collective musical memory.

Carrying stories of the islands, offering a voice to travel over the oceans

Cultural dialogue

Pianocean is a journey for cultures and heritage. At every port of call, the pianist spends time with the local population sharing their experiences and stories. Seven days are spent on each island, sharing and discovering, wherein the Pianocean crew adapts to the islanders rhythm of life and their traditions. With the assistance and contribution of the local community, the crew creates a meeting place that facilitates multidisciplinary and intergenerational creation. A space for expression where everybody is invited to tell their stories and culture. The results of these exchanges are collective musical compositions, testimony of each island heritage. Studiocean allows the recording and spreading by Lady Flow during her land & sea tours. A concert with the participation of islanders is organized at the end of each stay.

Pianocean tells us what happens afar, to inform what happens here

Welcome Lady Flow for a magical experience !

The captain dresses with her costume, the piano lifted on deck, the public gathered on the quay… Already, music from afar plays and spirits travel with melodies.

Fully equipped with its own lighting and sound system for an audience of up to 200 people, Lady Flow is autonomous to play concerts (only requires access to electricity). If a larger audience capacity is required, it is possible to link the Lady Flow to a larger external sound and light system.

Festivals, concerts, nautical events, private events…

Offer your public an original & unique concert.

To organise a concert and/or to request further information, please contact us.


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  1. Hi Marieke,

    We were just with you on Barra. We were the small boat in the end of your pontoon. We loved your concert last night.

    Thank you,

    Ben and George Baker

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