Faoi íochtar na Spéire

This new creation includes the album “Faoi íochtar na Spéire” (“Under the Western Sky” in Irish Gaelic), an album of 13 original tracks recorded on board the sailboat during Pianocean’s trip around Ireland. Many talented musicians participated in the production of this album, recording over the course of navigations and meetings, in the studio cabin of Lady Flow.

The album is accompanied by a DVD of the film “Under the West Sky”, a 52-minutes documentary film directed by Pierrick Le Pellec, shot during this Irish season.

A film of sea, travel and friendship. A musical, poetic film with a background of piano showers and weather hazards … finally, the return of Pianocean along the coasts which saw its birth. 

Available at Inouïe Distribution

Listen to Dangerous Sea / Faoi íochtar na Spéire

“You’ll never raise a sail without leaving a friend

And never drop anchor without meeting one more

And as you cross the sea, under the Western sky

Be careful of this land, this dangerous Island

This well sheltered harbour that is called friendship

Because it’s a port of call you never really leave.

Extract of Dangerous Sea